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LearningDEX gives you the ability to discover and compare online courses focused on programming. With AI, machine learning, and web development representing the future of jobs, it’s not surprising that more individuals see programming as an education and training focus.

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Go to the search form.

Type in a course you’re seeking. Click on the SEARCH button.

  • Want a course about WordPress programming? Then type wordpress programming into the search form.
  • How about JavaScript? Type javascript into the search form.
  • Auto-complete dropdown helps save you time, but you’re not limited to search terms that appear.
  • Use the red arrow buttons to browse course results for each brand.
  • Click the red “Load More Courses” button to load more courses from that brand.
  • Click the “View more results from this platform” button to load results from a specific brand.
  • Click the name of the course to visit the course’s page and learn more about the course.

Filter your results by using the filter bar on the search results page. Filter by keywords, price, and rating. You can also choose to sort your results by platform name or course title.

Getting Started Guides

Not sure what to start searching for? “Getting Started” pages, especially the Top Programming Languages guide, can help you learn which languages and libraries you should know about.

How to Access: On the top menu, look for Getting Started. If you hover over it using your mouse, it will expand to show links to the top guides. On mobile, click on the “hamburger” menu and then click on Getting Started to find links for the top guides.

Does LEARNINGDEX earn a commission for purchases of a course?

LearningDEX may earn commissions for purchases of any courses or product recommendations. This website is an affiliate in the Amazon Associates and Skimlinks programs.