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Course 1 / 38

Practical GraphQL - Become A GraphQL Ninja

Price: $79

From Full Stack Training Ltd. A hands-on, practical course to learn the key aspects of GraphQLHave you heard about GraphQL? Have you always wanted to understand the basics of GraphQL? This course is for developers wishing [...]

Course 2 / 38

Build Dynamic Applications With GraphQL

Price: $199

From Packt Publishing. A rapid guild to building web apps with GraphQLAre you a frontend developer looking for a simpler way to interact with the server side? Look no further, as this Course is perfect [...]

Course 3 / 38

Serverless React With AWS Amplify - The Complete Guide

Price: $29

From Reed Barger. Build full-stack React apps faster than ever, which scale to millions of users, and run entirely in the cloud!Do you want to make amazing, performant, and overall better React applications?  Look no [...]

Course 4 / 38

Ultimate Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer 2020

Price: $0

From Google Cloud Platform Gurus !. Detail Cloud Developer Certification Courses, Practice questions set based on March 2020 with additional 100+ QuestionsHi Cloud Professional ! This is another course of Google Cloud Platform for Professional [...]

Course 5 / 38

Web Scraping In Nodejs & JavaScript

Price: $199

From Stefan Hyltoft. Learn web scraping in Nodejs & JavaScript by example projects with real websites! Craiglist, iMDB, AirBnB and more!In this course you will learn how to scrape a websites, with practical examples on [...]

Course 6 / 38

React Hooks - Building Real Project From Scratch

Price: $89

From Oleksandr Kocherhin. Improve your React and React hooks skills with this series while developing real applicationIn this course we will  This course is fully focused on creating the application without getting deep into basic [...]

Course 7 / 38

Single Light Photography With The Westcott Apollo 28"

Price: $59

From McGunn Media. A complete guide to using one of the most popular tools in the photography marketSingle Light Photography with the Westcott Apollo 28" is a course aimed at amateur and intermediate level photographers [...]

Course 8 / 38

Build A Pet Hotel Web App With React Using ScaffoldHub

Price: $0

From Felipe Lima. Learn how to build a Pet Hotel web app with React, NodeJS, SQL, MongoDB or Firebase Firestore using ScaffoldHubLearn how to build a Pet Hotel web application with React, GraphQL, NodeJS, SQL, [...]

Course 9 / 38

Gatsby JS: Build Static Sites With React Wordpress & GraphQL

Price: $19

From Tom Phillips. Generate super-fast sites with a Wordpress backend & Gatsby.js, the future-proof framework that uses React JS & GraphQL** MAJOR COURSE UPDATES 15th MAY 2019 **Brand new section on how to create a [...]

Course 10 / 38

Using TypeScript With React

Price: $99

From Dmytro Danylov. Learn how to use TypeScript to build React projects (including Next.js and Apollo GraphQL).What is this course about?Nowadays, TypeScript and React are extremely popular in the world of front end, and many [...]

Course 11 / 38

Postman: The Complete Guide - REST API Testing

Price: $19

From Valentin Despa. Postman API testing for manual and automated tests. Automate with Newman, Jenkins or any other CI tool.RESTful APIs (or simply REST API) are everywhere nowadays but at the same time they are [...]

Course 12 / 38

Complete React.JS From Zero To Hero | Get Hired

Price: $99

From M Darwish. All React Topics [3 Projects] Redux, GraphQL, Hooks, React Router,Join Now Because it's time to get started The REACT  There are loads of examplesPay once, benefit a lifetime! with 30 Days [...]

Course 13 / 38

Gatsby JS: Build PWA Blog With GraphQL And React + WordPress

Price: $199

From Rangel Stoilov. Create Gatsby JS Progressive Web App With GraphQL And React + WordPress & Add Jam Stack To Your SkillsGatsby JS is a free and open source framework based on React that helps [...]

Course 14 / 38

Build Full-Stack Apps With GraphQL, Prisma, Node And React

Price: $179

From Haider Malik. Learn GraphQL by building full-stack web applications with Prisma, NodeJs, Apollo Client v2, and React.JsWhat Is GraphQL?GraphQL is a query language for your APIs. It’s also a runtime for fulfilling queries with [...]

Course 15 / 38

GraphQL With React: The Complete Developers Guide

Price: $149

From Stephen Grider. Learn and master GraphQL by building real web apps with React and NodeNote: This course assumes you are familiar with React! If you're tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out what [...]

Course 16 / 38

Blazing-Fast Vue And GraphQL With Gridsome

Price: $29

From Reed Barger. Harness the best in Vue and GraphQL to make impressive, ridiculously fast apps using the Gridsome static site generatorWant to build blazing-fast apps with Vue and GraphQL using Gridsome? This is the [...]

Course 17 / 38

Full-Stack Vue With GraphQL - The Ultimate Guide

Price: $34

From Reed Barger. Build a complete Pinterest-inspired full-stack app from scratch with Vue, GraphQL, Apollo 2, Vuex, and VuetifyIncludes Apollo Server 2, Apollo Boost and the Vue CLI 3!Interested in building next-level apps with Vue [...]

Course 18 / 38

Build An Online Store With React And GraphQL In 90 Minutes

Price: $34

From Reed Barger. Create a full-stack e-commerce app from scratch using React, GraphQL, Stripe, and the Headless CMS Strapi in record timeInterested in building impressive full-stack apps with React and GraphQL in record time? This [...]

Course 19 / 38

Basics Of GraphQL With Ruby On Rails

Price: $34

From Alex Deva. Learn to use GraphQL in a Rails app to talk to your front-end clients.This course teaches the basics of using GraphQL in a Rails application. GraphQL is a query language invented by Facebook in [...]

Course 20 / 38

Complete React Developer In 2020 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL)

Price: $199

From Andrei Neagoie. Become a Senior React Developer! Build a massive E-commerce app with Redux, Hooks, GraphQL, ContextAPI, Stripe, FirebaseJust updated with all new React features for 2020! Join a live online community of over [...]

Course 21 / 38

GraphQL & Apollo With Android - From Novice To Expert

Price: $199

From Paulo Dichone | Android, Java, Flutter Developer and Teacher. Build Modern, Flexible and Extensible API's with GraphQL and Apollo and Build a Full Android App as ClientGraphQL is the new way of building scalable, [...]

Course 22 / 38

AWS AppSync & Amplify With React & GraphQL - Complete Guide

Price: $129

From Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer Associate. Deploy a Serverless GraphQL & React JS based Javascript application in the AWS Cloud using AWS AppSync and AWS AmplifyHave you ever wondered how [...]

Course 23 / 38

Full-Stack React, Python, And GraphQL

Price: $29

From Reed Barger. Develop impressive, rich full-stack apps with the latest and greatest features of Python, React and GraphQLThis course is for developers looking to build complete, full-stack applications with cutting-edge React user interfaces, powered [...]

Course 24 / 38

Learning AWS AppSync With Amplify, AWS CLI, IOS And Swift

Price: $74

From Lyju Edwinson. We will learn how to use amplify framework to create AWS resources for our IOS applicationAmplify provides:Easy-to-Use Library: Choose your cloud services and easily connect them to your app with just a [...]

Course 25 / 38

NestJs: Modern Ways To Build APIs With Typescript And NestJs

Price: $199

From Haider Malik. Step by Step guide to build Restful and GraphQL APIs with Node.Js, Nest.Js, MongoDB, Mysql, Postgres, and Typescript etcNest.js is a progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, reliable and scalable server-side applications. [...]

Course 26 / 38

Learning MEAN Stack By Building Real World Application

Price: $149

From Haider Malik. Learn how to build Full-Stack Web Application with Nodejs, Express, MongoDB, Angular8, Angular Material, and PassportToday many enterprise leaders are struggling to use the diverse options available to create web development projects. [...]

Course 27 / 38

Node.js Microservices For Beginners

Price: $19

From Flo Sloot. Get started with the principles of distributed services in Node.jsMicroservices are a architecture pattern in software development, where independent process or functionalities are composed together in a loosely coupled manner.This way we [...]

Course 28 / 38

[2020] Svelte.js - The Complete Developer Bootcamp

Price: $19

From Cosmic .. Learn to build Robust and extremely Performant web applications using SvelteSvelte is a modern JavaScript compiler that helps you to write efficient Javascript code with a very simple Syntax.Svelte is not a [...]

Course 29 / 38

Build 7 Real World Applications With Vue.js

Price: $199

From Packt Publishing. Build 7 professional, real-world, and fun-filled projects that you can use to jump-start your Vue.js careerAre you willing to enhance your basic Vue.js skills with a real-world project to deepen your understanding [...]

Course 30 / 38

Magento - Magento 2 Certified Developer Exam : Full Course

Price: $199

From Sourabh Modi. Want to pass the Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer Exam? Want to become Magento 2 Certified? Do this course!What Will I Learn?You will be learning basics of Magento 2 with advanced PHP [...]

Course 31 / 38

Learn React 16 And Redux By Building Real World Application

Price: $179

From Haider Malik. Mastering React 16 Fundamentals, Context API, React-Router v4, Integrating Firebase with React and Redux, AuthenticationReact is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces across a variety of platforms. React gives you a [...]

Course 32 / 38

React 16.8 - The Complete Guide(Incl Hooks, Router, Project)

Price: $19

From Akshay Kashyap. The Complete Guide For Absolute Beginners - React 16.8This course is fully up-to-date with the latest version of React (16.8) and includes the newly introduced React Hooks feature!---About this Course:-Hey, Welcome to [...]

Course 33 / 38

Mobile E-Commerce With Flutter, Redux, And Stripe

Price: $29

From Reed Barger. Build an online marketplace for your mobile apps!Looking to build impressive, real-world e-commerce apps with Flutter?  This is the course for you.### WHAT WILL WE BE BUILDING? ###A full-stack e-commerce mobile application from scratch, with a [...]

Course 34 / 38

Learn React Hooks In A Better Way

Price: $199

From Nathan Krasney. Master react hooks API and build a real world chat app using react hooks APIYou’re here because you know HTML+CSS+JavaScript+React and you want to move forward and learn react hooks API and [...]

Course 35 / 38

Full-Stack React With GraphQL And Apollo Boost

Price: $34

From Reed Barger. Build and deploy a full-stack React and GraphQL app from scratch with Apollo Boost, Express, and MongoDBNew!  users the ability to customize their recipes, and make our application responsive with CSS grid. [...]

Course 36 / 38

Hands-on Application Development With GraphQL: 3-in-1

Price: $199

From Packt Publishing. Rapidly build web applications, better RESTful Web Services, as well as create a blog using GraphQL, React, and Relay!GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries [...]

Course 37 / 38

Vue.js Web Development Guide

Price: $199

From Packt Publishing. Learn to build beautiful web applications using Vue.js with hands-on practical projectsVue.js is a new JavaScript framework that has taken some of the best practices and features of the most popular JavaScript [...]

Course 38 / 38

Hands-on Application Building With GraphQL

Price: $124

From Packt Publishing. Rapidly build web applications using GraphQLGraphQL is a data-fetching API developed by Facebook, which has been using it for five years you will then learn to run queries and specify types [...]

Course 1 / 2

Introduction To GraphQL

Price: $14.99

Create fast, stable applications with GraphQL – the increasingly popular API query language [...]

Course 2 / 2

Full-Stack Web Development Mini-Degree

Price: $14.99

Go from beginner to Full-Stack Engineer and build web apps with the most popular modern frameworks, including HTML5, JavaScript, Node, jQuery, MongoDB, React, Next.js GraphQL, Angular, and more. [...]