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javascript for wordpress
javascript for wordpress
Course 1 / 2

The WordPress REST API Course

Price: $179

In this course we learn the ins and outs of the the WordPress REST API and how to use it with JavaScript in themes, plugins and decoupled sites and applications. Course Outline An Introduction to the WordPress [...]

Course 2 / 2

Gutenberg Theme Development

Price: $129

In this course we learn about what additions and considerations should had when building WordPress themes for WordPress 5.0 and beyond. You will learn in depth about the Gutenberg Starter Theme, how to handle [...]

stephan mischook
stephan mischook
Course 1 / 1

Interactive Web Developer Course

Price: $34.99

Lifetime Access to 350+ video lessons (over 40 hours of video) that covers all you need to become a web developer. This includes HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, SQL, MySQL, e-commerce shopping cart with PayPal API, [...]

Course 1 / 1

Learn PHP 7 And Laravel Master Course

Price: $150

PHP is ubiquitous on the web as a programming language. It's one of the top 3 back-end web development languages. Laravel is a popular PHP library and increasing in usage. This course introduces you to [...]

Course 1 / 3

Building Web Applications In PHP

Price: $49

From University of Michigan. In this course, you'll explore the basic structure of a web application, and how a web browser interacts with a web server. You'll be introduced to the request/response cycle, including GET/POST/Redirect. [...]

Course 2 / 3

Building Database Applications In PHP

Price: $49

From University of Michigan. In this course, we'll look at the object oriented patterns available in PHP. You'll learn how to connect to a MySQL using the Portable Data Objects (PDO) library and issue SQL [...]

Course 3 / 3

JavaScript, JQuery, And JSON

Price: $69

From University of Michigan. In this course, we'll look at the JavaScript language, and how it supports the Object-Oriented pattern, with a focus on the unique aspect of how JavaScript approaches OO. We'll explore a [...]

Course 1 / 50

Advanced Search Form With PHP

Price: $24

From Sebastian Sulinski. Learn how to code a set of reusable component to filter your recordsDuring this course you will learn how to use the best practice and how to make use of the Design [...]

Course 2 / 50

The Complete PHP Bootcamp Course With Video Sharing Project

Price: $199

From Joe Parys. In this complete PHP Bootcamp Course students will learn how to create a video sharing project with advanced admin panelWelcome To The Complete PHP Bootcamp Course With Video Sharing Project!  ⇉ Watch the promo [...]

Course 3 / 50

2019 Fullstack: Full Laravel With QRCodes, APIs, Android/iOS

Price: $199

From Dave Partner. The ultimate course full stack development course bundle - MVC, Laravel, QRcodes, Payment integration,APIs,microservicesThis course is the ultimate web and mobile development course for 2018. It covers all the topics in each [...]

Course 4 / 50

Create A PHP Contact Form In Bootstrap

Price: $19

From Andy Clarke. Learn how to create a fully functioning PHP Contact Form within bootstrap...Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build fully functional Contact Form using PHP markup within [...]

Course 5 / 50

Learn By Example: PHP For Dynamic Websites

Price: $99

From Loony Corn. Super-practical PHP: cookies, sessions, login authentication, MySQL integration, Object Oriented PHP and lots more!Super-practical PHP: Learn, by example, how to build a smart website with cookies, sessions, login authentication, MySQL integration, Object [...]

Course 6 / 50

Android With PHP And MySQL

Price: $24

From Binary IT Solution. Build LogIn & Registration App With Android ,PHP & MySQLIn this course you will learn how to build android login and registration app. You will learn about android app development on [...]

Course 7 / 50

Object Oriented PHP, Ajax, Flexbox Build Messenger App

Price: $199

From Shakil Khan. Learn Object Oriented PHP, Ajax, Flexbox, Advanced CSS and PDO From Scratch. Build Your Own OOPS Base PHP Websites.Welcome to "Build Your Messenger With Object Oriented PHP & CSS UnitsAdvanced [...]

Course 8 / 50

Learn Android Volley:Manipulating Databases Using PHP &MySQL

Price: $49

From IT Skill. Develop with Android Volley library by building real world projects that manipulate databases using PHP and MySQLThis course takes you to the intermediate level of programming with Android Volley library. At First, It shows how [...]

Course 9 / 50

2019 PHP Starter Kit - A Complete Ultimate Starter Kit

Price: $19

From Dan Kelly. Learn how to develop with PHP. Create your own database driven PHP framework to use on future projectsThis course is for a beginner.Every journey begins with the first step. In this course [...]

Course 10 / 50

Learn To Build Web Apps Using Laravel Framework

Price: $29

From Eduonix Learning Solutions. Master the powerful and elegant Laravel PHP framework for creating great web appsLearn to develop great web applications using one of the most popular open source PHP framework. Laravel has become [...]

Course 11 / 50

Advanced PHP Ajax Registration & Login Form

Price: $199

From Shakil Khan. Ajax Signup & Login Form With Real Time Validations & Complete User Profile with Ajax & PHP, Learn Regular ExpressionsAJAX is used to create more interactive applications. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript [...]

Course 12 / 50

PHP PDO, Custom Exception Handler, Namespaces For E-commerce

Price: $19

From Sebastian Sulinski. New PDO Database class wrapper, Custom Exception Handler and use of Namespaces (3rd add-on for E-commerce series) This is the [...]

Course 13 / 50

Facebook Clone With Laravel, TDD, Vue & Tailwind CSS

Price: $149

From Victor Gonzalez. Learn to code a social network platform powered by a Laravel API & built using a Vue Single Page ApplicationBuilding modern applications requires a specialized toolbox of skills and tools. We are [...]

Course 14 / 50

Top Python And PHP Programming Bundle

Price: $199

From John Elder. Learn Python Programming and PHP For Web Development Fast! Become a Software Engineer, Coder, Hacker, or Web DeveloperIn this course we'll learn the Python 3 programming language and the PHP programming language from [...]

Course 15 / 50

Convert Websites HTML To PHP In 40 Minutes For Web Designers

Price: $199

From ZEESHAN ARSHAD. A crash training on converting single/multiple pages website from html to php with essential techniquesUPDATE: Aug 9, 2018 Added a new section on sending email with contact form of single page website [...]

Course 16 / 50

OOP Object Oriented Programming In PHP 7

Price: $99

From Saira Sadiq. Learn advanced object oriented programming with simple code examples. This Course includes almost all OOP PHP7 topics.1st section of the course starts with an introduction to object oriented programming. What is OOP? and [...]

Course 17 / 50

Create An Auction Site From Scratch: PHP And MySQLi

Price: $189

From Eric Tam. Use PHP, MySQLi, HTML and CSS To Create Your Very Own Auction WebsiteDo you want to become an expert backend web developer?Or maybe you’ve got a solid understanding of HTML and CSS [...]

Course 18 / 50

Object Oriented PHP & MVC

Price: $79

From Brad Traversy. Build a custom object oriented PHP MVC framework and then build an application with itIn this course we will go step by step to build a complete custom MVC (Model View Controller) [...]

Course 19 / 50

Create A Guestbook From Scratch: PHP And MySQLI

Price: $184

From Eric Tam. Create Your Own Guestbook Using HTML, CSS. PHP And MySQLDo you want to become an expert backend web developer?Or maybe you’ve got a solid understanding of HTML and CSS but still aren't [...]

Course 20 / 50

MEVP Stack Vue JS 2 Course: MySQL + Express.js + Vue.js +PHP

Price: $99

From OnlyKiosk Tech. VueJS, Command Line, Babel, NPM, Webpack, Vue JS CLI, Single-file Components, Vue.js Router, VueX, Axios, iView, ExpressIf all you still think jQuery can completely replace JavaScript and want to learn Vue.JS, then [...]

Course 21 / 50

PHP And MYSQL Course From Scratch With Projects

Price: $179

From Aatef Jaberi. Learn PHP & MYSQL and connect together for making awesome applications.This course contains huge projects.PHP is one of the most important programming language in the world that can work on client and [...]

Course 22 / 50

Laravel 7: E-Commerce Shop Website With PayPal System

Price: $199

From Roman Granskyy. E-commerce web-application Upgraded to Latest VersionYou'll learn how to code your own E-commerce web application using the most powerful and user-friendly framework available to web developers, Laravel. By the end of the course, you'll [...]

Course 23 / 50

PHP Punch In The Face

Price: $99

From Jesse Boyer. Get punched in the face with PHP. Cover the basics, create a re-usable database class, and build your first application!So you don't know PHP but want to? This Learn PHP Online course [...]

Course 24 / 50

The Ultimate Advanced Laravel Pro Course (incl Vuejs)

Price: $199

From Kati Frantz. Learn the advanced concepts of the laravel and vuejs frameworks, and also build and deploy a complete real world projectHave you been looking for an advanced laravel course ?  Have you been searching [...]

Course 25 / 50

CakePHP For Beginner To Advance With Complete Project 2020

Price: $99

From Kazi Ariyan. In this course you will learn CakePHP Basic Fundamentals and Create Complete Clinic Management System ProjectCakePHP for Beginner to Advance with Complete ProjectWhat is CakePHP ?CakePHP is an open-source framework for PHP. [...]

Course 26 / 50

Real Time Single Page Forum App With Pusher Laravel & Vuejs

Price: $149

From Sarthak Shrivastava. Making Things Realtime With Pusher in Single Page AppWhat Will I Learn?Using Pusher to Making Facebook Like real time NotificationsUsing Pusher to create Real Time Like/DisLike system and real time replyInstalling LaravelUsing Git [...]

Course 27 / 50

Build E-commerce Website With PHP, MySQL, JQuery And PayPal

Price: $19

From Sebastian Sulinski. Learn how to build a fully functional E-commerce website with Object Oriented PHP, MySQL, jQuery and PayPal. [...]

Course 28 / 50

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) In PHP - Build An OOP Site

Price: $19

From Rob Percival. No PHP knowledge required. Everything you need to know to build and manage OOP websites in PHP, including Wordpress Learn how to build a website using Object Oriented Programming techniques in [...]

Course 29 / 50

Full Stack Web Development From Scratch With PHP In 10 Days

Price: $199

From ZEESHAN ARSHAD. Crash Course | Step by Step | Learn by Doing and Become a Full Stack Developer & Learn Full Stack Web Development in PHPSo you've decided to learn web development yourself and [...]

Course 30 / 50

Node Js MongoDb Vs Php Mysql :Build The Same Web Application

Price: $49

From Mohamed Jolti. Learn Node Js,Php ,Mysql ,MongoDb To Make A Web Application For Cars And An Administration System For The AdminIn this Course you will learn :1.The Basics Of Php : -Handle Forms using [...]

Course 31 / 50

Intro To PHP For Web Development

Price: $199

From John Elder. Learn PHP for Web Development. Php is a popular Programming Language for a reason! Become a backend coder today!In this course you'll learn everything you need to know about PHP for Web Development. PHP powers most [...]

Course 32 / 50

Booking System In Laravel With Hybrid Mobile Version

Price: $104

From Symfony & Laravel Stuff. Advanced Web Development with Laravel (nice PHP framework) by creating Web App - Reservation System with Mobile VersionGO TO A HIGHER LEVEL OF WEB DEVELOPMENT !!! During the course, you will [...]

Course 33 / 50

PHP CodeIgniter - Learn CodeIgniter

Price: $199

From Jesse Boyer. Learn CodeIgniter by building an Application! Built with AJAX/jQuery calls, and styled with twitter bootstrap! Learn Codeigniter - the most popular PHP Framework! In this course you will [...]

Course 34 / 50

Complete Php Mysql Course - Learn Php Mysql And Php Oop

Price: $199

From Abdull Waheed. Php mysql complete guide learn php mysql to create calculator, currency converter & online voting system using php mysqlAll the videos and resources are download for this course.   PHP MYSQL Complete Guide [...]

Course 35 / 50

Laravel 6 PHP Framework For Just Beginners

Price: $0

From Kazi Ariyan. In this course, you will learn larval 6 Core Functionalities, Laravel 6 CRUD and Default Authentication System.Laravel 6 Framework Course on Udemy.I Update the new Section as Multi-Authentication User and Roles On [...]

Course 36 / 50

Zend Framework 2: Learn The PHP Framework ZF2 From Scratch

Price: $39

From Bo Andersen. Learn how to code and become a professional web developer with the PHP framework ZF2 in just a few hours.Do you want to learn the PHP framework, Zend Framework 2, from scratch [...]

Course 37 / 50

PHP AJAX Bootcamp

Price: $199

From Shakil Khan. Learn Ajax from beginner to advanced level, We will build Crud application & Ajax images gallery applicationWelcome to " PHP AJAX BOOTCAMP " course. In this course we learn every thing related [...]

Course 38 / 50

Build Real World Website With PHP, PDO & MySQL

Price: $19

From Md. A. Barik. Let's Learn Prepared Statements, PDO & Building Dynamic Websites with PHP and MySQLWelcome to this course!This is practical course. That mean you will not just learn prepared statements, PDO (PHP Data [...]

Course 39 / 50

Complete PHP OOP Concepts For Absolute Beginners + Projects

Price: $199

From Srinivas Vanamala. Learn PHP OOP from Scratch: Object Oriented Programming Concepts with Examples and Projects. Learn PHP OOPS Guaranteed!Right After this course, you can write Modular Code using Classes and Objects ......During Interview, You [...]

Course 40 / 50

PHP And MySQL Beginner To Developer - 2 Projects Included

Price: $19

From Vojislav Kovacevic. To the point PHP & MySQL course for beginners and people wanting to learn how to create dynamic web apps with php/mysql.The only course you need to learn how to use PHP [...]

Course 41 / 50

PHP Registration Form, Email Confirmation & Responsive Email

Price: $199

From Shakil Khan. Object oriented PHP Registration & Login Form with Email Confirmation, Forgot Password & Responsive Email TemplateRegistration Form is a compulsory part of any dynamic website, in this course we are going to [...]

Course 42 / 50

Create A Members Only Blog Using PHP, MySQL, & AJAX

Price: $139

From YouAccel Training. Create a Database Driven Blog with Authentication, Validated Contact Forms, & Session Variables using PHP, MYSQL, & AJAXThis course offers a hands-on approach in learning how to develop web applications using PHP, [...]

Course 43 / 50

Finest Laravel Course - Learn From 0 To Ninja With ReactJS

Price: $159

From Paul Carlo Tordecilla. Master the latest features in laravel by building Projects, API, ReactJS and many more.Welcome to Finest Laravel Course - Learn from Zero to Ninja with ReactJSThis is the best course to [...]

Course 44 / 50

Create A Netflix Clone From Scratch: JavaScript PHP + MySQL

Price: $49

From Reece Kenney. Learn JavaScript, PHP and MySQL by making the ultimate Netflix clone website completely from scratch!Note:  [...]

Course 45 / 50

Learn PHP Programming For Beginners

Price: $74

From Simon Sez IT. Learn the basics of PHP programming. Includes exercise files. These days, you’re nowhere without a website, so there’s a huge value to web development skills. PHP is [...]

Course 46 / 50

BlackBelt PHP And MySQL Skills For Creating Dynamic Website

Price: $149

From OnlyKiosk Tech. Learning how to create programs that are safe and efficient enough to survive in real life from ground zero. The aim of this course is to help you master web development in the [...]

Course 47 / 50

Laravel Vuejs Private (one To One) Chat App

Price: $199

From Sarthak Shrivastava. An Advanced One to One Chat App with Laravel as backend, Vuejs as frontend & Pusher Channels for making things Real TimeBuild an Awesome Chat App Having lots of Unique feature.Who is [...]

Course 48 / 50

Learn PHP Object Oriented Features With Simple Examples

Price: $19

From EDUmobile Academy. PHP's object oriented features are taught with easy to understand examplesPHP is an object oriented general purpose language suitable for a wide variety of tasks. In this course, we'll learn how to [...]

Course 49 / 50

Create Contact Forms With PHP, JavaScript And CSS

Price: $99

From Nevyan Neykov. Learn how to build multiple fully functional contact forms and start getting users feedback.During this course you will learn how to build and add to your website multiple fully functional contact forms, [...]

Course 50 / 50

The Ultimate PHP Training Bundle For Beginner To Advanced

Price: $149

From Simon Sez IT. Learn to build powerful web applications with this 12.5 hour course for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. PHP is an invaluable tool to help web developers [...]