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Course 1 / 2

UX (User Experience) Capstone

Price: $69

From University of Michigan. In this UX capstone course, you'll conduct a multi-stage user experience project to design a product from scratch. You will employ interviews, inspection methods, and user testing, along with ideation, design, [...]

Course 2 / 2

User Experience Research And Design

Price: $49

From University of Michigan. Integrate UX Research and UX Design to create great products through understanding user needs, rapidly generating prototypes, and evaluating design concepts. Learners will gain hands-on experience with taking a product from [...]

Course 1 / 3

Product Design

Price: $0

Learn product validation, UI/UX practices, Google’s Design Sprint and the process for setting and tracking actionable metrics. [...]

Course 2 / 3

Rapid Prototyping

Price: $0

Prototyping allows you to spend ten minutes — instead of ten hours — finding an amazing design for your product. This course will guide you through the iterative process of prototyping an app and conducting [...]

Course 3 / 3

Mobile Design And Usability For IOS

Price: $0

Featuring Facebook's experts in User Research and Product Design, this course walks you through the steps to design a new mobile product that puts users first. You'll learn how to use data collected from users [...]

Course 1 / 46

Remote User Testing And Analysis

Price: $89

From Hugo Jenkins. Learn how to benchmark and optimise your site or app design, with simple and affordable remote user tests.Have you ever wondered if the design of your website actually helps your users? Can customers [...]

Course 2 / 46

Excel With Microsoft Excel VBA User Forms

Price: $74

From Kyle Pew. Learn to Create and Program Microsoft Excel VBA User Forms like a ProCustomize Your Excel Interactions with Excel VBA UserFormsMicrosoft Excel is a very powerful tool, but doesn't always provide the most accessible [...]

Course 3 / 46

Writing Effective User Stories

Price: $59

From Tom and Angela Hathaway. Helping Stakeholders Discover and Define Requirements for IT ProjectsThe Three Parts of a user Story: The Card, the Conversation, the Criteria User Stories are a great method for expressing stakeholder requirements, whether [...]

Course 4 / 46

User Testing

Price: $94

From Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D.. Everything you need to know about user testing your products.Are you launching a new website, software or app? Or maybe you have an existing product that is underperforming. Whether your target [...]

Course 5 / 46

An Introduction To User-Centered Design

Price: $99

From Frank Garofalo, Garofalo UX. Infuse your organization with design-thinking centered around your customers.This course will explore several techniques for flushing out high-level design solutions for your projects and get inside the minds of your [...]

Course 6 / 46

UX Design For Beginners - Learn User Behavior & Psychology

Price: $99

From Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz. Learn User Experience Priciples & Human Behavior Patterns and Apply them to improve UX Design of Websites & Mobile AppsStart your User Experience Design career NOWEvery field of study have some [...]

Course 7 / 46

Making Sense Of User Stories

Price: $19

From Luminescence Training. An in-depth look at writing, understanding, and working with user storiesDiscover the cure for the common course as we take you on a tour through the world of user stories. We’ll [...]

Course 8 / 46

MikroTik User Management Engineer With LABS

Price: $19

From Maher Haddad. Become a MikroTik User Management professional and be ready for the MikroTik MTCUME exam***This course is not officially sponsored  exam.If you want to become a MikroTik User Management Professional, it is your [...]

Course 9 / 46

#3 User Stories :Master The Art Of Managing User Stories

Price: $129

From Malay Biswal PMP, SAFe PO/PM, Math and Telecom Enthusiast. User Stories Masterclass :Practical And Easy Way To Write, Maintain, Deliver User Stories For Scrum Team & Product OwnerUser stories are a critical part of [...]

Course 10 / 46

Sketching For UX Designers - Boost UX Work With Pen & Paper!

Price: $94

From Krisztina Szerovay. Learn how to boost your UX design workflow with sketching user interfaces, animations and storyboarding.You will learn how you can boost your UX, UI  5th June 2017: new sectionReleased on the 15th [...]

Course 11 / 46

UX Design College Class Taught By A University UX Instructor

Price: $159

From Aaron Lawrence. Learn the User Experience Design process, build user personas, UX research, learn UI design, create prototypes & moreLearn User ResearchLearn how to set goalsCreate User interview ScriptsHow to Synthesize Research InsightsWrite Problem [...]

Course 12 / 46

Build Persuasive Products

Price: $49

From Anders Toxboe. Learn how to apply psychology to design engaging online user experiences that make people take action.In this 3 hour course, I will go through the most effective persuasive design patterns and [...]

Course 13 / 46

Windows 10 End User

Price: $39

From Intellezy Trainers. This course is designed to familiarize users with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.This course is designed to familiarize users with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Students will login and learn [...]

Course 14 / 46

MikroTik Hotspot With User Manager

Price: $19

From Maher Haddad. Building a wireless hotspot using MikroTik and managing the hotspot accounts using MikroTik User ManagerHave you ever been in a cafe, restaurant or a park where they offer internet on wireless? You [...]

Course 15 / 46

UX Design: Understanding User Engagement

Price: $124

From Packt Publishing. Get to know UX design step by step and understand user engagement through real-world casesUser experience (UX) design provides a theoretical understanding of how users interact with websites. Everything humans interact with [...]

Course 16 / 46

User Stories: Managing User Stories In Scrum Framework

Price: $174

From Jimmy Mathew. User Stories in Agile Software Development with Scrum FrameworkThis course discuss how user stories are handled in scrum framework. This course discuss topics including, User Story Mapping, Techniques foe Creating, Splitting/breaking down, [...]

Course 17 / 46

How To Design Engaging User Experiences (UX)

Price: $44

From Egle Karalyte. How to make people take action, come back, stay and become loyal users.This course is for those who would like to understand what makes a web or mobile experience engaging and how to [...]

Course 18 / 46

Authoring Elegant And Meaningful Agile User Stories

Price: $29

From Sanjeet Biswas. Gain the skills needed to write great user stories, epics & themesWelcome to the highest rated course on user stories on Udemy. Period. This course is designed to teach how to think in [...]

Course 19 / 46

User Research For Design

Price: $94

From Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D.. Learn how to conduct user research so that your product design fits your audienceWhen you design a product you make a lot of assumptions. And a major reason that product designs [...]

Course 20 / 46

User Feedback Surveys: Fundamentals

Price: $49

From Matthew Niederberger. Web Analytics tells us 'what' visitors do. Learn how to ask your website's visitors 'why' they do what they do?This course will teach you all you need to know about collecting [...]

Course 21 / 46

SAP User Administration - Management Of Users In SAP

Price: $19

From Sridhar Gajulapalli. Introduction to SAP User MaintenanceIn this course we would be covering topics like how to create and maintain users in SAP systems. This is the procedure we follow whatever SAP system it is. You [...]

Course 22 / 46

User Testing

Price: $19

From James Eccleston. Improve your work fast by testing it with real usersLearn how to improve your UX design really fast. User Testing is a skill that every UX designer should know that and master. [...]

Course 23 / 46

UX Fundamentals: User Testing

Price: $54

From Greg Rog. Get better in UX by understanding your usersBeing a UX designer does not mean you should be able to design any feature or interface perfectly. We are all biased with our own [...]

Course 24 / 46

Understanding Jira For Users, Managers And Admins

Price: $109

From Dan LeFebvre. Everything you need to know to get started with Atlassian's powerful agile project management and issue tracker tool.This Introduction to Jira course will get you up to speed on how to be [...]

Course 25 / 46

User Experience (UX): The Ultimate Guide To Usability And UX

Price: $194

From David Travis. Get a job in UX and build your user research and UX design skills with this hands-on user experience training course.2020 Edition.You've just landed on Udemy's most comprehensive course on user experience [...]

Course 26 / 46

Designing For Productivity In The User EXperience

Price: $49

From Deborah J. Mayhew. Optimizing user efficiency in software and website user interface designThis course is course number D15.2  . [...]

Course 27 / 46

UX Design Process Simplified From User Research To Usability

Price: $99

From Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz. UX Process for Beginners from User Interviews to Personas, User stories, Information architecture to Usability testingWhen a beginner start their User Experience Design process, they get confused about where to start [...]

Course 28 / 46

User Stories For Agile Scrum+Product Owner+Business Analysis

Price: $49

From Paul Ashun. Complete overview of requirements, user story template, epics, splitting, acceptance criteria +business analyst examplesJOIN A THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS IN UDEMY'S MOST COMPREHENSIVE AGILE USER STORIES COURSE! THIS COURSE HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO SAVE [...]

Course 29 / 46

Become An Excel Power User In 2.5 Hours

Price: $99

From Eric Andrews. Exponentially improve modeling speed and efficiency by mastering Excel's most powerful features.**ANNOUNCEMENT January 2018: 1.5 Hours of Practice Problem Lectures Added!** This is a 100% example-based comprehensive Microsoft Excel training course with a [...]

Course 30 / 46

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Site User

Price: $59

From Intellezy Trainers. SharePoint Site UserThis course is an introduction to Microsoft 365 Sites. Upon completion of this course, users will have an understanding of SharePoint Sites and Sites structure. They will learn the differences [...]

Course 31 / 46

User Research Micromastery 01 - Usability Intuition

Price: $19

From Zsombor Varnagy-Toth. Exercises to brush up on your usability skill. Get into the habit of spotting usability issues.Usability intuition is the skill of noticing usability issues in your daily life and in the digital [...]

Course 32 / 46

User Experience Design: Complete UX Fundamentals Course

Price: $199

From Adam Treister. Understand User Experience Design ( UX ) to begin designing web and mobile apps to keep your users engaged and happy.UPDATE (03/01/2016): New Section!Just added a new section where we go over [...]

Course 33 / 46

Build A User Authentication Web App With Python And Django

Price: $199

From John Elder. Learn To Create a User Authentication System in Django to Register Users, Log In, Log Out, Edit Profiles, and More!Let's build a user Authorization app in Django!Django and Python can seem overwhelming [...]

Course 34 / 46

LEARNING PATH: Modern User Interfaces With React And Flux

Price: $199

From Packt Publishing. Build the best user experience by creating dynamic and animated user interfaces with React and FluxEvery great website needs a great user interface. This Learning Path focuses on how to build amazing [...]

Course 35 / 46

SAP MM (Materials Management) - Configuration And End User

Price: $149

From Rana W Mehmood. The course covers both configuration and end-user processes for SAP MM ModuleSAP MM Course will prepare the students to learn and understand all the end-to-end implementation steps to configure SAP MM modules for any organization. The course also highlights the necessary [...]

Course 36 / 46

How To Carry Out A Usability Expert Review

Price: $94

From David Travis. Learn how to find and fix usability and user experience bloopers in web, software and mobile user interfaces. Learn how to carry out one of the most in-demand user [...]

Course 37 / 46

User Story Masterclass: Your Agile Guide To User Stories

Price: $179

From The BA Guide | Jeremy Aschenbrenner. Increase your Agile project success by learning to effectively write, split, & map User Stories and Acceptance CriteriaEnhance your productivity and project success by putting your customer's needs [...]

Course 38 / 46

How To Engage Users Of Your Mobile App Or Website

Price: $19

From Cheryl Chotrani. Learn how to retain users and keep them engagedThis course offers proven tips and techniques for digital product owners looking to optimize user participation and overall engagement. We break the content down [...]

Course 39 / 46

Mastering Sketch: From Beginner To Advance User

Price: $19

From Michael Lemma. Learn how to user sketch, wireframe, and design out your projects. From Conception to Complete ProjectsSketch is the program all the big companies and start-ups use. Learn how to master it from [...]

Course 40 / 46

Lean UX: Faster, Better UX (User Experience) Design

Price: $94

From Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D.. Design better and faster user experiences (UX) with Lean UXLearn the Lean UX way to design better, faster user experiences. You'll learn everything you need to know to use a Lean [...]

Course 41 / 46

UX Design - Understanding The User And Business

Price: $124

From Packt Publishing. Expand your knowledge domain on User Experience Design with Business ConceptsUser Experience (UX) design is the theoretical understanding of how users interact with websites. It is the process of enhancing user satisfaction [...]

Course 42 / 46

How To Become An Expert YouTube User

Price: $19

From Wilfredo Barrios. Learn to get the most out from YouTube as a user finding and watching what you want.Do you want to be able to find any kind of video on YouTube? Would you like [...]

Course 43 / 46

Learn Linux User Space Debugging

Price: $19

From Linux Trainer. Linux User Space DebuggingThese videos are part of my linux system programming course. Master the various user space debugging tools present in Linux. This course teaches you ltrace, strace, gdb (coredump)  and [...]

Course 44 / 46

SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) - Configuration And End User

Price: $199

From Rana W Mehmood. The course covers both configuration and end-user processes for SAP SD ModuleSAP SD Course will prepare the students to learn and understand all the end-to-end implementation steps to configure SAP SD modules for any organization. The course also highlights the necessary [...]

Course 45 / 46

PHP User Login Registration Script With All Features

Price: $199

From Vivek Vengala. PHP User Management Login, Registration, Forgot Password, Members Area from Basic to Advanced Covering All The Features.Welcome to the course PHP User Login Registration System => MySQL. These are the main modules Registration, [...]

Course 46 / 46

Learning ReactJs User Interfaces

Price: $124

From Packt Publishing. Create dynamic and animated user interfaces with ReactEvery great website needs a great user interface, and without one, your users will soon leave. The React stack is the perfect tool to  create [...]

Course 1 / 2

Design Thinking: Prototyping And User Testing

Price: $299

Creating prototypes puts a proposed solution into action. In this course, you will learn the value of prototypes and user testing as critical components of the design thinking process. You will examine case studies to [...]

Course 2 / 2

Design Thinking: Prototyping And User Testing

Price: $299

Creating prototypes puts a proposed solution into action. In this course, you will learn the value of prototypes and user testing as critical components of the design thinking process. You will examine case studies to [...]