This page lists the top JavaScript libraries being used to build web applications today.

If you’re new to JavaScript programming and want to start learning the most relevant libraries, starting with the ones listed here is a good start.

Vanilla JS

Clicking the button below will take you to a page that lists basic JavaScript courses. You should start with basic JS before moving onto mastering advanced libraries.


React.js is a JavaScript library that’s used for building interactive user interfaces for websites and apps (React Native).


Vue.js is a JavaScript library that’s useful for building user interfaces, similar to React but supposedly faster and easier.


Next.js is a JavaScript framework that let’s you build server-side code for websites and web apps created with React.


Angular.js lets you bind JS code to HTML syntax—reducing the need for heavy coding. Good for single page apps on websites.


Node.js is a JavaScript library that introduces back-end capabilities (file writing, database operations, etc.) for the language.


Last and slowly becoming least, jQuery is one of the oldest popular libraries used to add interactive capabilities on websites.