This page lists the top programming languages being used to build web applications today.

If you’re new to programming and want to start learning the most relevant languages, starting with the ones listed here is a good start.

Core Concepts

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Python is oftentimes used to teach budding programmers and deploy data analysis techniques such as machine learning.


WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Laravel, and some other frameworks are powered by PHP. The server-side language is present in many open-source development stacks.


If developing apps for Apple’s iOS, this language is the most widely used approach for mobile app development on the platform. It’s native to Apple only.


JavaScript’s popularity is largely driven by the adoption of robust front-end libraries such as React, Angular, Next, and others.


Microsoft’s variant of the C language is adopted in a variety of software applications, mostly for online applications relying on the .NET framework.


In contrast to Apple’s Swift, Android heavily relies on Java for mobile app development. However, the programming language has uses for many different types of software application.